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The set includes everything you need for your nails and this is definitely worth it! Instead of going to the salon every time, making appointments that affect your busy schedule, why not do it at the comfort of your home?

This Nail Gel Kit makes your nails look classy and elegant. Teenagers, Mothers, Aunties and other girls really love this! The gel nail polish included in the set is very durable and can last double the time normal polishes do.

Aside from that, It’s seriously easy and the whole process takes less than a half an hour to complete. What’s nice about this product that can surely be interesting to people, is you can design your own nails, because it includes a lot of nail art tools and materials. So, what are you waiting for? DIY your style of poly gel nail art now.

How to market it: 


Maybe you can show some pictures of possible designs that a girl can do with her nails. Show and explain everything that is included in the set together with a manual on how to do the gel polish.

People always like to have a strong, beautiful and long lasting effect of poly nail gel polish at an affordable price so break down the cost of going to the salon compared to buying this set that  can be used multiple times. 

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