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Portable Storage Box




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Storage boxes are useful in multiple ways. It can be used to store multiple items at home, in the office, in the garage, etc.

For parents who have toddlers, storage boxes are best used for storing toys, books, and even packs of diapers.

For pet owners, they can use the storage box to put in pet food especially when they buy in bulk or if they buy a big sack of pet food.

For people who are transferring or moving to a new location, storage boxes are the best in carrying items and making sure that it is safe.

It can also be used to store old or unused household items like old clothes, blankets, towels, photo albums, figurines, books, newspapers, 

How to market it: 


Making a video where an employee is required to “work from home” and he needs to bring his computer equipment, paperwork, files and folders from the office to his house. It would be hard and strenuous to carry it using a backpack.

Using a backpack might crumple the files and folders and might damage the computer equipment if it is not carefully handled. His coworker saw him and suggested using a storage box.

Fast forward, the employee was able to successfully transport his computer and paperwork without any damage and called back his coworker where he thanked him for giving him that advice of using a storage box.

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