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Mega Goods

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  • What is Mega goods and how does it works?
  • Mega Goods: Everything you need to know--Is it worth it?
  • Mega Goods: Shipping and Products 


Dropshipping: Best Electronic Products Supplier 

What is Mega goods and how does it work?


Megagoods is a retailer and an online dropshipping platform, famously known as providing the best electronic products to help businesses and individuals expand and increase sales. Mega goods Inc. was founded in 2004 and their main goal is to serve businesses and individuals excellent products and services which results to their success in dropshipping industry and become one of the well-known retailer company.

If you are into selling electronic products such as communication devices—cell phones, laptops, computers, printers, etc, and entertainment devices—television, DVD players, flatscreen TVs, and many more, then Mega good is exactly what you’re looking for. They will assure that you can avail their services with a very low monthly fee. They also allow you to try a 30-day-free-trial so that you can have some time to think and assess if this application can help you and your business.

Mega goods is also known for offering a fast shipping service. Since it’s based in California, they can easily deliver products to the customers. It will only take 1-2 days of delivery, unlike other platforms that take almost a week before receiving their orders.

You can import products in mega goods that will directly transfer to your website. Using mega goods is very convenient for businesses, especially for those who are just starting.

Mega Goods: Everything you need to know--Is it worth it?


  • Mega goods doesn’t require you to have a business’ license, however, you must first fill out California Resale Certificate Form. You can set up your account once you verify the validity.
  • With Mega goods, there’s no limit or minimum when you purchase a product, you can buy as many as you want or just a single product without extra charge.
  • They use PayPal, Debit, or Credit Card, this is their way to secure the payments and the sales of their users.
  • They are one of the most successful dropshipping services. Once you avail their services, you can choose items that they will send them directly to your customers using your business name, this way customers will never know that you’re using a third-party dropshipping platform service.

In Conclusion


Megagoods has a lot of positive reviews online and has gained enough customers that made them successful in this kind of business. There are a lot of advantages that you can have once you avail their services. You can trust them to take care of your business so you won’t have to worry about inventories and shipping products.

Mega Goods: Shipping and Products 



In this portion, we will talk about Mega goods’ Shipping and Products:


  • As soon as you placed your orders, Mega goods processes orders and ships them within 1-2 days. You will receive your orders for about 1-2 business days only.
  • Once the products are shipped, Mega goods will update you and send you an email notifying you that the orders were sent, along with posting the tracking on your account.
  • Mega good’s electronic products, like cell phones, don’t have a manufacturer warranty.
  • FedEx, in general, is the main shipping option of Mega Goods.
  • Mega goods collect taxes for those who live in California, but if you can prove that you have a California Seller Permit, they won’t charge you taxes.

All in all, Mega goods is a good investment when you’re about to start your dropshipping business. It is especially good if your chosen niche is electronics. They provide the best quality in the electronics product and services industry.



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