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Sku Grid

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  • What is Skugrid?
  • How does Skugrid works?
  • Skugrid 2021: Best Features


Best Platform to Manage Your Inventory and Product Pricing


What is Skugrid?


Skugrid is one of the biggest automation softwares for a dropshipping business that was founded by Anton Richitskiy in 2015. It can help you reprice and monitor your products very quickly. Skugrid can literally monitor your supplier and track inventory and pricing. In doing so, it will automatically update your items the ways you want. 

How does Skugrid work?


Skugrid is an inventory system which is the only software that can help you to monitor your business specifically in terms of pricing and inventory. It’s like hiring a virtual assistant but using software instead. This can save you a lot of time and allows you to focus on other things about your business.

All you need to do is customize and set up its formulas, then you can leave Skugrid alone to do the work with pricing and inventory every day. This is a great alternative to working manually by yourself, which is very time consuming and will easily drain your energy.

One of the best features of Skugrid is that it monitors your quantity number and it can restock as soon as you sell an item. It will also automatically detect and remove the product when it is out of stock from your supplier. Skugrid will inform you if the product is no longer available and automatically remove it so no one can buy the items that are currently out of stock.

Skugrid has a lot of advantages and features that can surely make your business grow in instantly. You don’t have to worry about doing work manually, instead, you can avail the services of Skugrid for a very low price with great quality services.


 Skugrid 2021: Best Features


There’s a lot of marketplaces that support Skugrid such as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Walmart, Facebook & Instagram, Bonanza, and many more. This proves that Skugrid really has a good service and good reputation since many brands, including well-known brands, are using it.  


  • Provides a lot of options on how you can outsource products. For tracking purposes, with Skugrid, you can easily directly import items from your supplier, or import through a CSV file.

  • Skugrid will update you. Skugrid will automatically inform you if anything changes, such as pricing and inventory. You can always customize its setting depending on the notifications you want to receive. Overall, it is very useful when it comes to making your business secure since it always updates you about everything.

  • Good customer service. Skugrid is always ready and alert if you have questions or inquires, they have the best customer service since they always focus on how to make their clients satisfied.


    In conclusion


    With Skugrid, you don’t need to worry about your business, it will update you whenever your products are out of stock, or your supplier changes the pricing, and it eliminates all other possible negatively impactful things that may happen to your business. 



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