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  • What is Wholesale2b?
  • How does Wholesale2b works?
  • Wholesale2b: The Best Platform For Your Online Business


E-commerce Platfom: Best Dropshipping Suppliers with over 1.5 Million Products

What is Wholesale2b?


Wholesale2b is an online platform which offers dropshipping tools and products to online entrepreneurs to help them manage their businesses. It was founded on 2004 and owned by Onlinestorebiz.com LCC—a company that has been operating for 12 years now which has been working with thousands of companies over the past years.


How does Wholesale2b work?


Wholesale2b is partnered with over a hundred dropshipping companies which allow you to sell products through their services. The main objective of wholesale2b is to help your business grow and increase sales with more products and useful tools for dropshipping. They will allow you to sit back and relax while you’re earning money, they will help you handle your entire dropshipping business with just one account and all they ask for a is 3% fee service.

Wholesale2b can help you access a lot of suppliers and a wide range of products that you can get for wholesale prices and lower costs. It also has a feature where they will notify you if the products on your list are running low in inventory. If this is the case you can easily drop the product and look for others you can sell on a daily basis.


Wholesale2b: The Best Platform For Your Online Business


With Wholesale2b, you can now have access to legitimate and proven suppliers which can provide services such as selling products with low prices, process orders, ship directly to customers, and will send you invoices or updates to your customers to inform them about their orders using your account on Wholesale2b.

Here are the best features of Wholesale2b that can make you avail their services in instant: 


  • They Will Create Your Dropshipping Website. They will be the ones who will build up your website and they will help you improve and attract more customers. Wholesale2b will put a lot of products and updates on your website without you worrying about a single thing.

  • They will outsource from credible suppliers and import directly to your website where you can sell it to your customers. Wholesale2b runs your business in the easiest and most efficient way.

  • You can avail Wholesale2b’s dropshipping CSV file plan in where they will save all your files with suppliers with attached photos. They will update CSV plan on a daily basis with image URLs included.










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