MySilentTeam Amazon FBA and Online Sellers

MySilentTeam Amazon FBA and Online Sellers

If you are looking to learn how to sell on Amazon or eBay while connecting to other entrepreneurs who listen to “Silent Sales Machine Radio,” this group is perfect for you.

Here in MySilentTeam, you have a source of motivation for your own business ventures and the freedom to talk about any kind of business model. Before officially joining the group, there are several rules to keep in mind: 


  1. Members must always make newbies feel welcomed and accepted in the group. 
  2. Members are allowed to express their praises publicly but are advised to address confrontations privately. 
  3. Posts for advertisements or reviews are not allowed and therefore deleted. 
  4. The group does not tolerate any sort of profanity. 
  5. Seek admin approval before posting any content to the group. 
  6. Questions that apply only to you should be addressed through the support team. 
  7. Only relevant and helpful posts are accepted in the group. 
  8. Likewise, the group will only allow posts that will appeal to the majority of its members. 
  9. Posts that have been discussed repeatedly will be deleted. 



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