Empire Flippers 

Empire Flippers 

Save time and effort by working with Empire Flippers as they do all the valuation for you, including evaluating your monthly expenses and revenue. So, if you want to earn fair compensation from selling your business, Empire Flippers is for you. 




Contents of the Article: 


  • What is Empire Flippers? 
  • How does Empire Flippers work? 


What is Empire Flippers? 


Empire Flippers impressively helped individuals all over the world buy and sell $200,000,000 worth of online businesses. Moreover, the company also offers the needed tools in determining how much your website costs. And the average sellers in the Empire Flippers marketplace earn over six-figures for their businesses.


How does Empire Flippers work? 




For potential buyers, visit the marketplace first to find the listings. And from here, you have access to the details of the businesses that are for sale. However, a URL will only appear once you unlock the listing. This feature was set to avoid unnecessary competition for future buyers.

In addition to that, this feature will also stop unsure buyers from imitating or conducting further investigations on the listed businesses. In essence, this means that only the deeply interested or sure buyers are allowed to have access to the listed website’s URL. 

And if you found a business you are willing to pay on the spot, you can purchase it immediately by clicking on the “Buy Now” button just beside the “Unlock Listing” button on the right part of the screen. 




Of course, the process is a little more challenging for the sellers. But to lay it out for you, here is how it goes.


  1. Select your monetization method (affiliate, application, dropshipping, and more) 
  2. Fill out personal and site details 
  3. Submit screenshots of your site’s monthly revenue and expense details 
  4. Provide Google Analytics data/ access 
  5. Log in to your Empire Flippers account 
  6. Wait for confirmation 


To add to this, you can also use the company’s valuation tool to determine how much your online business is worth. 












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