Website Closers

Website Closers

Represented over $750,000,000 in tech, internet, and digital companies, the team at has helped people buy and sell businesses since 1996. 



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  • What is 
  • How does work? 


What is 


Providing entrepreneurs with the needed knowledge to either buy or sell an online business, is a leading internet broker firm run by a team of brokerage professionals. The website also offers information on web & software development, IT services & solutions, other internet businesses, and a whole lot more.

How does work? 




If you are looking to purchase a website from, the first step is to look for the perfect online business for you on the website’s listing page. And since the details are limited to a short overview of the business, its asking price, and cash flow, you would need to contact the team to know more.   




The whole selling process with the website is success-based, which means that clients are only billed after a successful transaction. With that, here are the steps you need to fulfill to buy a business as 



The first step will require you to fill out some of your personal details before proceeding to set a schedule to talk to the team. 

Introducing your business

After scheduling, the next step will involve you discussing the details of your business with the company.  


Lastly, will provide you with the valuation range of your business and a marketing strategy. 


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