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  • What is ChatBot? 
  • What are the features of ChatBot? 
  • What are the benefits of using ChatBot? 
  • How much is ChatBot? 

What is Chatbot? 


ChatBot is a software that enables customers to chat or ask regarding an inquiry using AI. ChatBot  is an all in one platform that launches conversations in a human-like manner. It is used for different  platforms such as Facebook, Slack and Zapier. Connect with a customer on a personal level by engaging with them, guiding customers to purchase the best products for them, and let them do everything through ChatBot. 



What are the features of ChatBot?


These are some of the features of ChatBot:


No-code chatbot builder

You can just drag and drop conversation blocks to create multiple bot responses and stories. 


Chatbot Testing Tool

Try your stories if they work just how you like it and before you launch it. 


Customizable Chat Widget

Launch your AI chatbot on your website and make changes to match your brand’s profile and web design. 


What are the benefits of using ChatBot?


ChaBot helps the business run smoothly and give excellent customer service. ChatBot will be with you 24/7 answering your queries instantly. Here are ways on how ChatBot will transform your business. 


  •  Why waste your time on waiting for slow emails? Improve productivity by using an AI instead of a customer representative.

  • Support customers 24/7, anytime, anywhere. ChatBot makes sure that every customer is being taken care of. 

  • Resolve the customer’s queries right away, helping your team do more for other things. 

  • A company is appreciated when they have good customer service and ChatBot does the job for you and your team. 

  • Give customers the best experience they receive because they deserve it (and you too, of course! 

  • Building a connection with customers will help you increase conversion rates because you encourage them to go to your website. 


You can also see other benefits of ChatBot HERE.

How much is ChatBot?


Try ChatBot using the free trial. But if you want to get more, you may subscribe to their plan monthly. Here are the prices of their plans:



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