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  • What is LiveAgent? 
  • What are the features of LiveAgent? 
  • Why should you choose LiveAgent? 
  • How much would it cost to use LiveAgent? 


What is LiveAgent? 


Founded by Andrej Harsani and Viktor Zeman, LiveAgent is a help desk software with over 100 features. It allows agents to communicate to website visitors in real-time and make them paying customers. LiveAgent answers the visitors queries immediately and gets rid of slow, long phone calls and emails giving them the best customer experience. 



What are the features of LiveAgent? 


LiveAgent offers 16 live chat features but let me tell you more about the core features of their customer service. 


Email ticketing

A ticket is a communication thread that stores information about why the customer contacted the customer service portal. Even though the customer might contact the help desk through different platforms, it will make a thread and store it in one place to organize the messages. 


Real-time live chat

Convert visits into purchases while the real-time live chat. This enables the agent to assist the customer with general queries and fixing issues. It also saves time for the agent because LiveAgent can have multiple actions all at once. 


Voice and video calls


Well, if you’re not comfortable with chatting, you can always go back to basic because LiveAgent offers voice and video calls. 


Social Media channels


LiveAgent is connected to every platform possible to support your questions. 

Why should you choose LiveAgent? 



LiveAgent organizes the customers queries into one specific place. So when the customers contact you through different platforms, you won’t go crazy answering every single one. 


Increase sales 

LiveAgent connects through personalized messages and converts visitors into paying customers. 


Improve customer experience

Say goodbye to one-star customer feedback with LiveAgent. LiveAgent is the perfect tool for supporting customers with product queries, issues and check-outs.

How much would it cost to use LiveAgent?


LiveAgent is a fully-featured help desk so you get what you see. Try different plans and see what’s best for you. 


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