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  • What is LiveChat? 
  • What are LiveChat’s features? 
  • How does LiveChat help its users? 

What is LiveChat? 


LiveChat is a tool used by businesses to save time and energy of people. A lot of businesses use tools to fill in representatives to eliminate time-consuming work such as phone calls and emails. LiveChat is a platform that helps in the growth of small and big companies and to be able to generate customer relations, giving them the most exceptional customer service. Though this is a paid tool, you can try it free for 14 days. 


What are LiveChat’s features? 


When a customer wants to know something about a product on your page and that customer wasn’t able to see it on the FAQ page, the next thing the customer would probably do is look for a representative. And that’s where LiveChat comes into action. These features will turn your goals into reality. 

How does LiveChat help its users? 


LiveChat for E-Commerce will turn your shoppers into fans. You can personalize them based on the products you are selling or the audience you are targeting. 



You can communicate with the visitors while they’re still on your website. Present the new collection of your product or different products, and get to know your customers by letting them fill out pre-chats, surveys and more.



Let your customers connect with you through different social media platforms at any time of the day which would be convenient and comfortable for them. 



Sneak peaks and templates make it easier to reply with just a single click. Product cards are also helpful in showcasing your items right then and there. 


Personalized messages are always appreciated and make use of the pre-chat survey to add a little love. You can track your performance through tools offered by LiveChat to stay on top. Gathering feedback with interaction to the customer is always fun. 



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