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  • What is Sendinblue? 
  • What are the features of Sendinblue? 
  • How much does it cost? 


What is Sendinblue? 


Sendinblue started as a digital marketing agency. Unlike most digital agencies that serve large companies, Sendinblue helps small and medium-sized businesses in the process of growing. Sendinblue combines adaptability and accessibility into helping you. Get the support you need from people who really care and Sendinblue cares! A team of world-class customer representatives got your back with anything via email, chat or phone in 6 different languages. 

What are the features of Sendinblue?


Personalized messages are what connects people. And connecting doesn’t have to be hard. 


Start connecting using your website

Customizing your chatbox based on your product or environment in seconds to make visitors comfortable. You can see what page the visitor is at to make it easier for the user to answer the questions. 


Best marketing strategy for the user

Get them to know you better through email or phone. 


Turn visitors into customers 

If the customer was able to sign up a form and  make a purchase on your website by the help of the support team, you make a conversion.


How much does it cost? 

Sendinblue offers an excellent service for an affordable price. 

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