Offering entrepreneurs with various funding options, OnDeck can finance your investments for project expansions and purchase increases. 

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  • What is OnDeck? 
  • How does OnDeck work? 


What is OnDeck? 


With a customer rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureaus, Ondeck has given $13,000,000 worth of funding to businesses across the globe. Moreover, the company is committed to helping small businesses receive the funds needed to overcome challenges and grab long-term success opportunities.

How does OnDeck work? 


To acquire an OnDeck Term Loan, the following requirements must apply to you: 


  1. Be in business for at least one year, 
  2. Have a personal Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) score of 600 or higher, 
  3. A minimum annual revenue of $100,000, and
  4. Own a business bank account. 


Once you have been deemed eligible for a loan, follow the steps listed below:



Applications can be made online or over the phone.


Wait for a decision

The decision will be made by a loan advisor, who is also responsible for reviewing the options with you. 


Receive your funds

Once you have been approved and accomplished the online checkout, you can receive your loan the same day. 






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