Facebook Advertising 

Facebook Advertising 

With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook undoubtedly has one of the largest platforms in the world. And in marketing, it is beneficial to play the game with the most players. 


Contents of the Articles:


  • What is Facebook Advertising? 
  • How does Facebook Advertising work?


What is Facebook Advertising? 


Open for any individual worldwide to engage in, Facebook Advertising offers simple tools to create and run campaigns catered to your desired target market. Moreover, Facebook Advertising provides countless advertising solutions that don’t require a lot of expertise or specific skill sets.

How does Facebook Advertising work?


Before you publish an advertisement, it is necessary to set marketing goals beforehand. Among others, your goals may be to reach more customers located near your physical store, make more merchandise sales, or build more long-lasting relationships with your customers. 

After you have established a goal, you can now follow the following steps listed below: 

Select an objective:

Your objectives may either be to increase your overall brand awareness, increase the number of installs for your application, or even encourage more Facebook users to engage or communicate with your business.

Choose your target audience:

Set the specific demographic you want your advertisement to reach. Your decision should be based on traits such as age, location, and gender.

Determine the location you want to run your ad:

Once you have chosen an objective and target audience, the next step is to decide whether to publish your ad to either Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, or all of them. 

Set a budget:

Your budget will determine the duration of your advertisement. Moreover, you get to set the amount you are willing to spend for your ad daily. And this amount can be edited once you have set it. 

Establish a format:

Facebook provides sellers with six layouts to choose from; this includes a single image, single video, multi-image, and more. 

Place your order:

You then need to submit your advertisement for auction. And the winner of the said auction will have their ad perform the best among the others

Oversee your ad:

Through Ad Manager, you can access important details regarding your campaign’s performance.




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