Google Ads

Google Ads

If integrated properly, Google Ads will help you increase brand awareness and thus maintain the relevance of the goods and services you offer.


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  • What are Google Ads? 
  • How do Google Ads work? 


What are Google Ads? 


Google Ads are basically advertisements paid by companies that show up on your screen with your search results. Most of the time, they occupy the first few sections on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is one of the most effective ways to market a product digitally since the audience is significantly huge.  

Moreover, Google claims that this method of advertising will drive website visits, phone calls, and customers in your physical store.

How do Google Ads work? 


Of course, the ads that appear on your screen are not at all random. At that, they show up mainly based on keywords. 

Before a company publishes a Google ad, a list of keywords must be set-up. Furthermore, the said keywords should be relevant or often searched by users to increase the likeliness of the advertisement to be discovered. 

And based on the price they are willing to pay to Google for a user to click on their advertisement, businesses will offer bids on the keywords. However, Google will determine the final list of ads that will appear on the SERF from its overall quality and bid value. 

And in return, once a visitor clicks on the ad, the business will pay an amount, called the cost per click or CPC. Divide the competitor AdRank by the company's quality score, add that number with 0.01, and you will get the cost per click. This means that the cost of Google ads differs from one business and another. 


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