As stated on the Official Instagram website, about 84% of users are most likely to shop from small businesses. At that, the chances of successfully expanding your business's influence on the platform are incredibly high.


Contents of the Article: 


  • What are Instagram Ads? 
  • How do Instagram Ads work? 


What are Instagram Ads? 


Instagram users have the power to transform their posts into advertisements. And these promotional posts enable businesses to reach an audience beyond their followers. Moreover, if you are already aware of how the application works, marketing on the platform will not require much effort at all. 

How do Instagram Ads work? 


Through the Instagram application, you can promote your business by applying the steps listed below: 


Post media

Of course, before you start marketing, you must first have something to advertise. So, the first step in this process is publishing a post or numerous posts onto your account.


Determine the goal of the ad

You must also determine the page your customer will be redirected to once they click on your ad. You can choose your customers to land on your account profile, your business' website, or your direct messages.


Choose an audience

You can either select a specific audience to view your ad or allow Instagram to set the demographic for you. 


Set budget

Once you have chosen which post to promote and the audience you wish to reach, you need to determine the amount you are willing to spend for the advertisement. Furthermore, the number of people who can view your ad will depend on the budget you set.




Manage your ad:

After publicly publishing the ad, you can have access to its analytics, which includes the number of clicks or visits it had generated and the total money you have spent.  


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