Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising

Recognized as one of the top search engines thus far, Bing has millions of users around the world. And as the number of users increases, more and more advertisements find their way to your screens.

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  • What is Microsoft Advertising? 
  • How does Microsoft Advertising work? 

What is Microsoft Advertising? 


Microsoft Advertising is exclusively a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system catering mainly to Bing users worldwide. Formerly known as Bing ads, this tool helps businesses keep a leading position on the platform.

How does Microsoft Advertising work? 


As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Advertising is a Pay-Per-Click system that allows businesses to market their brands through search pages. The advertising company must first input keywords both appropriate to the ads and relevant to the current trends. This step may be the most crucial in the entire process because your ads will only show on searches they correspond to. 

So once a customer searches terms related to the keywords, the advertisement will most likely appear on their screens. But not all ad proposals are treated with the same amount of priority. Since there is only a limited number of areas available for ads, the search engine chooses based on the bid amount. This is selected through a whole auction process with other businesses. 

Furthermore, if your ad is persuasive enough to seal a deal, the customer will contact you to finalize transactions. Lastly, the company pays Microsoft for the click of the customer based on the set budget.



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