Build My Online Store

Build My Online Store

Offering valuable and straightforward tips and tricks for building an eCommerce store, Build My Online Store has articles, podcasts, and other tools for your consumption.
Its podcast episodes talk about a wide variety of topics like Google Analytics, online store designs, business fundamentals, outsourcing, and more. Furthermore, we selected three episodes you need to hear before starting an eCommerce store:

#123: Is Your Business Aligned with Your Purpose? 

Questions correlating business and purpose do not get asked enough nowadays. People are more driven to grow businesses that they confuse passion and purpose. This podcast asks questions that will undoubtedly have you thinking, like “What do you do after you quit your job?” and “How do you want to impact the world?” Learn more HERE. 


#112: 7 Mistakes to Avoid If We Could Start Over Again 

Before starting a business, it is crucial to learn from other peoples’ mistakes to avoid committing the same. In this podcast, some issues discussed involve the challenges of naming your business, getting to know your customers, and more. Learn more HERE.


#122: 8 Improvements to Make for Your Online Store 

The last podcast on the list is a guide on how to improve your online store further once you have already established one. Here, Terry and Travis talk about content creation, reducing friction in the user experience, and a whole lot more. Learn more HERE.


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