eCommerce Influence

eCommerce Influence

Austin Brawner has made it his purpose to help eCommerce entrepreneurs build wealth and live more fulfilled lives. Moreover, he has helped hundreds of people grow their businesses without having the issue of losing time for the things they love through eCommerce Influence.
To add to that, Andrew Foxwell, together with his wife Gracie, has assisted numerous companies in managing their social media platforms and enhancing their advertising strategies. And we selected three podcast episodes to feed your mind regarding topics essential to business growth. 

183: How to Manage Your Time Strategically While Growing Your Business 

People often use not having enough time as an excuse not to pursue their business ideas or continue to run their companies. In this episode, Austin and Andrew will help you develop a schedule that actually works, understand what it means to manage your time effectively, and more. Learn more HERE. 

289: How to Grow the Long-Term Value of Your Business, Whether You Want to Sell or Not 

It Is essential to prioritize establishing your company’s value that will last you a long time. In this episode, Ryan Tansom reveals why entrepreneurs should not always aim for income maximization but to build their businesses to what people will want to buy instead. Here, he also defines good valuation, the difference between annual income and long-term value, and more. Learn more HERE.


023: How to Improve Your ECommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Process – Chris Goward, WiderFunnel.Com 

If you are wondering how Chris Goward developed, this podcast is for you. In this episode, he also touches on the strategic framework for approaching eCommerce conversion rate optimization, some of the best ways to collect qualitative data, and more. Learn more HERE. 



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