The Smart Passive Income

The Smart Passive Income

Committed to assisting entrepreneurs in growing their online businesses, Smart Passive Income (SPI) offers training, courses, podcast episodes, and more. Moreover, the company is focused on providing useful resources that will enable exponential growth for businesses worldwide. With that, we listed three episodes of their Smart Passive Income Podcast that are worth listening to below:

SPI 465: Making the Entrepreneurial Leap with Confidence with Gino Wickman


In this episode, Gino Wickman opens up about how he found his purpose of helping other entrepreneurs thrive in their businesses. Moreover, Pat and Gino also discuss other topics like the people who are fit to be entrepreneurs, some successful entrepreneur traits, and more. Learn more HERE. 

SPI 456: From Side Hustle to a Life-Changing Business – How Josh Hall and His Courses Made It Happen 

Here, you will learn from an entrepreneur who has successfully built a 6-figure business from home: Josh Hall. The contents of the episode involve Josh’s journey from being a cabinet maker and drummer to a reputable entrepreneur, the role of online courses in his life, and more. Learn more HERE. 


SPI 446: How to Start and Sustain a Successful Business with Racheal Cook 

Racheal Cook is a well-known author, entrepreneur, and host of the Promote Yourself to CEO podcast. In this episode, she shares ways to establish a business strategy that will prevent future burnout, tips on announcing your business to your friends, and a lot more. Learn more HERE. 

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