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  • What is BizRate? 
  • What program does BizRate use? 

What is BizRate? 


Binary Compass Enterprises, was founded in 1996 by Farhad Mohit and Henri Asseily. Which was rebranded as BizRate which included price comparison service.

BizRate, one of the first price comparison B2B in the world of E-Commerce, enabling buyers to find the right products through referrals ratings and reviews. BizRate allows the merchant list products to the most visited website then redirects it to the store of the merchant.

Along with BizRate is BizRate Insights which provides research solutions and has been connecting with retailers and customers. BizRate is held by Connexity along with PriceGrabber and Shopzilla, both price comparison platforms.  

What program does BizRate use? 


Just like any other price comparison platform, BizRate uses cost-per-click method which allows them to have a share of the product sale. 

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