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  • What is Keepa? 
  • How to use and understand Keepa? 
  • How does it help merchants? 



What is Keepa? 


Keepa is a tool that tracks the Amazon items in terms of product rank, data prices, and top-selling merchants built for all sellers. To fully utilize Keepa, there is a subscription fee of $17.50. This allows premium access to data features. The Data features are as follows. 


  • Data Tab

It shows the complete and extensive product details and average prices, listing offers and price history, and variation of products in a table format.

  • Product Viewer

It shows the product list, details and prices.

  • Best Selling List

Shows the best products by category on Amazon.

  • Top Seller List

It shows the top selling merchants and clicks on their profile to view metrics and storefront. 

How to use and understand Keepa? 


You can use their website as a Chrome extension. Either way, they keep track of data and make sure this information is useful.

1. Keepa website

Using the Keepa website in your research is quite handy because you know what are the products to source and sell. As well as what other sellers are focusing on. 


  • Product Finder
  • Product Viewer
  • Product Best Sellers
  • Top Seller List
  • Category Tree


 2. Keepa Chrome Extension

  • Determining Sales Ranks
  • Price History and Stability 
  • Number of Offers 
  • Current Pricing

Keepa is not only a tool for Amazon tracking. You can use it as a research resource to better understand the in and outs of Amazon. Keepa shows statistical graphs for different purposes. 


  • Sales Rank

Shows when the product’s sale rank and when it is sold. When a sales rank goes down, a sale has been made.



  • Price History 

It shows the price changes temporarily or remains flat. This gives sellers a realistic view on what customers buy at a price.



  • Number of Offers

This information is very useful in understanding the competitor for a product. This is also used in evaluating out of stock products and if we have to aggressively compete when trying to liquidate products. 


How does it help merchants? 


By tracking your move and other data, you know where to focus on and what to do to improve your sales. So, Keepa helps you in an efficient manner. All the graphs presented indicate different purposes.

And in the long run, these graphs will help you reach the top. It is also for all best style methods for Amazon businesses. It helps merchants in retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, wholesale and private label. 

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