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  • What is PriceGrabber? 
  • How to get your listing to appear on PriceGrabber?
  • What are the benefits of PriceGrabber? 

What is PriceGrabber?


PriceGrabber is a shopping engine founded by Kamran Pourzanjani and Tamim Mourad in 1999. Named as the largest leading distributed E-Commerce platform, it continues to grow and expand. In 2005, Experian acquired PriceGrabber for $485 million.



By 2012, Experian decided to sell PriceGrabber to Ybrant Digital. 2015 until now, Connexity manages PriceGrabber with their headquarters at Los Angeles, California. PriceGrabber allows consumers to compare product prices from different merchants. The products are listed by merchants and the consumers can either search by SKU or category to find specific products. 


How to get your listing to appear on PriceGrabber?


You have two options upon getting your product listed on PriceGrabber. 

1. CPC Program for Merchants 


This is only applicable to merchants with E-Commerce websites. PriceGrabber includes them in the cost per click model. In this option, the merchant must pay $50 for initial deposit then pay a base CPC rate of $0.25-$1.05, depending on the category. Merchants may also add their logo to the listing for $0.10 per click. 


2. Storefront Program


This program allows merchants without a website to list their products on PriceGrabber. For the first 100 products listed, merchants pay no listing fee. Afterwards, they must pay $0.25 as service fee on all items. Merchants also pay a $1.50 base commission rate and 9% of purchase price per product. 

In order to get your listing up and running, you must follow these steps. 

  • Create an account and choose what program you want. 
  • Create a data feed. 
  • Format data feed based on PriceGrabber qualifications. 
  • Submit data feed to PriceGrabber. 
  • Wait for the listing to appear for around 3-5 days. 

What are the benefits of PriceGrabber? 


PriceGrabber connects shoppers and if you’re a merchant, you benefit from all these shoppers. PriceGrabber has a 26 million average monthly visitor, which means they increase your sales and traffic! The merchant must build credibility to be ranked as popular. More popularity, more visitors. 

As for you, shopper, you can benefit from PriceGrabber too. You can sort the listing based on your liking. You may look for specific products and filter it by price. One of the main features of PriceGrabber is that it allows you to compare prices with different merchants for the same products.

So, if you’re budget-wise and practical, welcome to PriceGrabber! 


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