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What is is a leading comparison online shopping platform that lets buyers have the best deals and lowest prices. Founded in 1998 by Dr. Nahum Sharfman and Amir Ashkenazi by the name of Papricom ( was originally a downloadable client which allows buyers to monitor price changes over time.

It targeted American consumers, but in 2000 it expanded to Japanese, Spanish, German and British consumers. By 2005, was acquired by eBay and went public at that time. helps buyers to access a variety or products from merchants.

Before purchasing the item, you can check prices from different merchants and/or read reviews from’s sister site, works by click-per-pay bidding and merchants must pay a minimum $100.  


Are there other shopping sites for 


Whether you’re a shopper from Paris, California, or even Berlin, has you covered. They have a shopping site for France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and USA. 


What are the benefits of 


Aside from the best deals and low prices they offer, has a highly efficient marketing. redirects the buyer to the site of the seller where you can connect with them directly. They also feature products from foreign and domestic merchants giving everyone equal opportunities. With eBay as its parent company, it operates as a segment of eBay Marketplace. 



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