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  • What is ShopSavvy? 
  • What are the unique features of ShopSavvy and how would they benefit consumers?


What is ShopSavvy? 


ShopSavvy is a mobile application developed by Rylan Barnes, Jason Hudgins and Alexander Muse, who won Google’s Android Developer Challenge. ShopSavvy has over 40 million downloads worldwide and has grown into the world’s largest mobile shopping community. ShopSavvy is available for Android, iOS, Symbian, and Windows Phone devices. 



What are the unique features of ShopSavvy and how would they benefit consumers?


ShopSavvy has helped millions of consumers save time and money using their mobile devices. These features will surely make you download the app this instant!


  • Barcode scanner

This is the primary feature of ShopSavvy and is used to find similar products online or nearby brick and mortar stores so that you can compare prices and check its availability before buying. 


  • Product review

Unsure of a certain product? No problem! Just look at the review through ShopSavvy. You can make a review, too.


  • Local listings

Allows the user to scan a product and sell them to others. 



  • ShopSavvy wallet

Why waste time paying upfront or going to another application on your phone to pay? ShopSavvy wallet lets you shop and pay using just one app! 


  • Deals

Allow buyers to select deals and use coupons to save even more.


  • Price history charts

ShopSavvy Fall 2020 update includes price history chart that are convenient specially during the holidays. Price history charts show price comparison over time to know when is the best time to buy. 




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