Contents of the Article: 


  • What is Shopzilla? 
  • Who can sell on Shopzilla? 
  • Benefits of Shopzilla 


What is Shopzilla?


Shopzilla is a SaaS platform that manages brand products through making portfolios which helps shoppers to review, compare and buy products online. Founded in 1996 by Farhad Mohit, Shopzilla immediately went global by 2005.



Though it is most commonly known as Shopzilla, it has rebranded to Connexity. Having 40 million shoppers every month and 100 million products, Shopzilla is considered to be the leading platform that connects shoppers to sellers, brands and products. 

Who sells on Shopzilla? 


Merchants with, Amazon Marketplace or Wayfair storefront can sell on Shopzilla. If a shopper clicks on your product, it will redirect them immediately to your storefront. The cost of listing on Shopzilla is a $50 refundable deposit and they work through a click-per-pay method. The basis of CPC rate is by minimum bid that is particular for a category that changes throughout the year. So, the more money a business bids, the more their listing would be seen. 

Benefits of Shopzilla 


For the merchants: 
  • Allows the merchant to be featured on the storefront platform they are in through Shopzilla. 
  • Direct conversation of merchant to shopper. 
  • Shopzilla helps the merchants look for new customer. 

For the shoppers: 
  • Compare prices including tax and shipping
  • Easier to navigate

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