Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo Shopping

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  • What is Yahoo Shopping? 
  • What are the key features of Yahoo Shopping? 


What is Yahoo Shopping? 


Yahoo Shopping is an online shopping platform that allows you to purchase products, track and compare prices, get coupons and deals, which will be then redirected to third party platforms once you have clicked the best deal for you. Yahoo Shopping may receive a share of the revenue of the merchant when he makes a sale via Yahoo Shopping. 


What are the key features of Yahoo Shopping?


Yahoo Shopping engages with the user in any way possible so here are the key features of Yahoo Shopping. 


  • Price tracker 

Allows buyer to follow sellers and receive notification about their pricing. You may add a specific item and you will receive notifications if there is a change in price. You will be asked to set up a decrease threshold. The decrease threshold will determine the drop in price of the item you added with regards to the threshold you set. If the item decreases by the amount you set is greater of equal to from the day you added you item, then you will be notified. 


  • Price comparison

This will help the buyer compare and look for the lowest price among different merchants for a specific item. The price may vary for the Yahoo Shopping and third-party platforms. The price had been changed that day on the third-party storefront and has not been updated into the Yahoo Shopping system.


  • Deals

The merchant may offer deals, discounts or promotional products for certain products. 


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