Integrated with large platforms like Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce, the tools Syncee offers definitely has the power to make your business grow big too. 


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  • What is Syncee?
  • How does Syncee work? 

What is Syncee? 


Known for its excellent dropshipping services, Syncee’s features include product filters and export, pricing and rounding rules, order routing, built-in-retainer-supplier-chat, and more. The company is also consistent with the vast variety of products they sell, fast upload speed to online stores, and loyal relationships with suppliers.  

How does Syncee work? 


Equipping sellers with innovative ways to discover products, Syncee offers two solutions: 


Syncee Marketplace: 

Sellers will never run out of choices to select from as Syncee offers over a million products you can go through and ponder on. Fit for small and large businesses, entrepreneurs have the freedom to choose whether to order individually or in bulk.


Syncee DataFeed Manager: 

Once you have products set to be sold or listed, the Syncee DataFeed Manager will help you upload your items into your online store. 


Moreover, the company also offers the following plans (billed monthly):


Completely free, this plan lets you choose from 25 products, gives you daily updates, allows your customers to use the Auto Order feature, and you also get access to free support from the company. 


This plan offers everything the free program offers, except it gives users the freedom to choose from 500 products.


With everything on the free plan, the number of products for this one is 10,000.


The business plan also provides automatic updates daily, has the Auto Order feature, and offers free support. However, those who avail of this plan can choose from 30,000 products. 



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