Remains the #1 E-commerce Platform all over the world and may be the most important company for the couple of years?

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“Work hard. Have fun. Make history.” - Amazon

What is Amazon?, Inc. is an American online platform founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. Amazon is famously known for being one of the most successful and largest forms of selling online products and services online.

Bezos initially named this company Cadabra Washington State then later changed its name to, since some people mistakenly heard it as “Cadaver” instead of “Cadabra”.


How does Amazon work? And why have they remained as one of the largest E-commerce platforms for the past years?


Amazon started selling books but then later expanded to a larger scale. They aimed to produce products and services that can make the consumer’s life easier and better for others. They think of a way where consumers would not be required to go outside just to buy things.

Why does Amazon remain successful over the years? I think it’s because Amazon believes that having this kind of work requires a “long term” mindset. They took this concept along the years together with their success. Aside from this kind of mindset, Amazon’s success was built by giving the best customer service experience. 

They provide a large number of products and services for their customers with a lower price and fast delivery services. They gained their customer’s trust which results in an increase of the company's profit.


Why should you consider working with Amazon?


Amazon is ranked as the second-largest private employer in the United States. Here is a list of why you should consider working with Amazon.

  • Career growth
  • Most of the former employees of Amazon usually say that it makes their lives better in terms of profession and financial, some say that they got the opportunity to work with brilliant people which helps them develop their skills.

  • Competitive salary
  • Amazon compared to other companies is way too good since they pay their employees above average and it also comes with benefits and compensations.

  • Great workplace
  • Amazon’s workplace and work environment make the employees confident enough to share their thoughts and ideas within the organization, employees from amazon were trained to be open-minded with regards to new ideas, and they are willing to listen to your suggestions.

  • You will learn a lot 
  • If you want to try and experience new things, Amazon is the best company for you since most of their employees are very resourceful and brilliant whom you can count on and ask for guidance.


    Amazon for product sourcing


  • Identify if your chosen product is really profitable.
  • You need to identify first if this product will help you gain profit. One of the things to consider when deciding if you will receive profit from your product is to make sure that you did a profit margin with a certain product.

  • Identify if the product is on demand or it will be difficult to sell?
  • If you think your chosen product will benefit many people then sell it. Don’t take the risk if you’re not sure with the product that you will sell.

  • Always check the competition
  • Take a look at the competitors about how their price ranges or if you are selling the same product. Think of how you can stand out among others.



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