Google Analytics

Google Analytics

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  • What is Google Analytics? 
  • How does Google Analytics work? 

What is Google Analytics? 



Offering free tools to better understand your web page, Google Analytics has the power to improve your overall content and performance dramatically. This web analytics tool gives you valuable insight into your website traffic or the visitors you earn. To add to that, Google Analytics plays a huge role in digital presence, as mastering it will help you see better results in your campaigns and promotions online.


How does Google Analytics work? 


Google Analytics essentially works by collecting data from your site’s visitors through codes. Basically, upon installment of Google Analytics, your website will receive a code to help in the tracking process. 

Once this is set up, Google Analytics can now access your visitors’ demographic, such as their age, gender, and even location. Moreover, you also get to know the number of visits your site has earned, which ads have attracted the most attention, the most visited pages on your site, and more comprehensive data.  


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