Google Search Console

Google Search Console

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  • What is Google Search Console? 
  • How does Google Search Console work? 

What is Google Search Console?



The Google Search Console allows website owners to analyze their page’s performance and understand its visitors. Moreover, this free service offered by Google can reveal the sites that link to your website, alert you on issues that your site will encounter, and more. To add to that, Google Search Console’s features exclusively cater to business owners, SEO specialists or marketers, site administrators, and web developers.

How does Google Search Console work? 


To use the Google Search Console, the first step is to verify your website and establish whether you are a site owner, authorized user, or webmaster. 

The next step is to log in to your Search Console account and click on the “Add Property” button. To add your website to your account, Google Search Console will require you to input its URL.

Following this, you will have to verify your website through the following methods: 


  • HTML tag
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager 
  • Domain name provider 

    Furthermore, the following requirements are needed so you can use the Google Search Console: 


    • A recent version of either Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari
    • Your browser’s settings should have cookies and JavaScript enabled
    • A valid Google account

    Now that you have all that settled, you can finally experience the benefits listed below: 


    • Access to the most relevant keywords 
    • Discover the highly viewed pages 
    • Learn more about the visitors (their locations, devices they use, pages they’ve seen, and more)
    • Find out the websites that are linked to you 
    • Have an overview of your page’s performance
    • Identify broken links and security issues 
    • Determine whether your schema markup is working well 


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