Google Trends

Google Trends

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  • What is Google Trends? 
  • How does Google Trends work? 

What is Google Trends? 



Providing users with both real-time and non-real-time data, Google Trends can reveal to you the locations of interested visitors of specific topics. Moreover, this tool can show you comparisons between topics in terms of geography and how frequently it is being searched. Google Trends can also show you irregular searches that may potentially lead to spam attempts. 

How does Google Trends work? 


The good news is, Google Trends is an entirely free tool. For aspiring people of business, this tool will help you discover seasonal trends and trendy products through the search statistics. Because through Google Trends, you will get an idea of the most popular terms people are constantly inputting in their search bars.

But of course, it does not stop there because you also get to know the demographics of the users searching for specific terms on the internet.

This feature is also helpful for marketers looking to find better opportunities or strategies to promote their products or services online.

And for people looking to enhance their presence online, integrating the relevant keywords into your content will help you drastically.

To sum it up, the following are the different uses of Google Trends: 


  • Find your niche 
  • Discover relevant products 
  • Enhance keywords
  • Strengthen Promotions 
  • Predict trends
  • Reach your target audience
  • Produce relevant content 
  • Monitor competitors


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