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  • What is Ubersuggest? 
  • How does Ubersuggest work? 

What is Ubersuggest? 



Ubersuggest claims to know how to let you win at the SEO game. This tool will reveal the strategies that work for your competitors so that you can use them for your site’s improvement. Through Ubersuggest, you discover the top-performing pages and the most popular keyword phrases on platforms like Facebook. Furthermore, Ubersuggest assures that all the content you put out will be consumed by users.

How does Ubersuggest work? 


To use Ubersuggest, all you need to do is follow three simple steps: 

1. Sign up or register 

This step will require you to fill in your name and email, as well as input a password of your choice. And if you already have an account, you can immediately proceed to the next step. 

2. Create Your Project

Here, you will need to provide your website’s name and URL and at least 3 locations you want traffic from. 

3. Add keywords 

The next step is for you to select keywords from the list of suggestions.

Following this, input your tracking preferences and choose whether you want to receive biweekly coaching calls or personalized SEO help. 

Lastly, enter your name, phone number, and establish a monthly budget range.

Moreover, once you have officially established a project, expect the following for your page: 

  • Improved rankings through the tracking features 
  • Daily status updates on the state of your website 
  • Alerts regarding any issues on your page
  • Access to data regarding your overall SEO health 







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