Batch 2: eBay Trending Products

Batch 2: eBay Trending Products


These items listed below are the top 10 best selling product from various categories and the reason why they are trending. 


10. ExHale Homegrown CO₂


ExHale plays a big part in bringing natural carbon dioxide into your indoor garden. Let’s get one thing straight, indoor gardening is harder because a lot of factors are to be considered and ExHale Homegrown CO₂ makes it easier.

The abundant CO₂ is produced by the mycelium but take note that the mycelium does not fruit. What it does is when the bag is activated, the mycelium grows and feeds on the substrate, thus giving off carbon dioxide for 6 months.

Guaranteed 20%-30% yield without the need of electricity. The components of ExHale Homegrown CO₂ serve a purpose in delivering results. The breather patch is where the CO₂ is exhausted, while keeping out contaminants into the bag. A durable plastic is used to contain the preparation. Substrate formula is the food source of mycelium. And the mycelium is a fungi that is patented to bear no fruit so it just grows and grows to produce carbon dioxide.

The benefits of purchasing this product, especially when you’re new to indoor gardening because your plants would be thriving for carbon dioxide and ExHale Homegrown CO₂ provides a vital factor in growing your plants. 


9. Mary Kay® Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15


Mary Kay® is a foundation primer and a sunscreen that fills in imperfections and quickly dries leaving a lightweight matte finish creating a perfect flawless canvas for more than 9 hours. It absorbs oils to reduce appearance of visible signs of aging.

The key ingredient of Mary Kay® Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 is silica, a highly porous material that absorbs oil and helps skin look smooth. and Works with all skin types, including sensitive skin. The formula is oil-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and dermatologist tested. 



8. Fitbit Sense


Fitbit Sense is more than just a smartwatch, it's a SmartTrack. The specifications include a fast-charging battery that lasts up to more than 6 days to track everything you do every time of the day. Made with laser-bonded Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 and an elegant stainless steel ring, custom AMOLED display.

It has a lightweight, velvety soft, flexible, and comfortable with seamless edges best to wear all day and all night. You can choose between Google Assistant or Alexa as a voice assistant. Just like any other smartwatch, it has texts, calls, apps, music, and built-in GPS. But, Fitbit Sense has Fitbit Pay that allows you to make transactions on the go.

For the health features, it has a biosensor core that tracks skin temperature. Fitbit Sense has an Electrodermal Activity scanner that correlates your body’s response to stress. It also tracks heart rate and heart rhythm irregularity which you can share with your doctor. It can also track Oxygen Saturation in your blood to be able to monitor your wellness.

Fitbit Sense has a menstrual monitoring tracker. This smartwatch is swimproof, has all-day activity tracker, sleep tracker (sleep stages & sleep score), has smart wake that uses light vibration to wake you up feeling fresh and not grumpy. This modern watch is what you need 24/7 which makes everything and anything easier to track. 


7. Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack


Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack is a durable and multipurpose backpack that can be used for hiking or a backpacking trip to other countries. Built from 100% nylon with 34L capacity. Designed with versatile compartments and organized pockets to bring with you everything you need.

The fabric is resistant to cuts so you don’t have to worry about bringing gadgets and important stuff. The backpack has a padded back and a mesh-like strap that is adjustable for your comfort during long walks and trips. This strong, heavy-duty, and all-in-one backpack will get you through anything. 

6. Xentec HID Kit


Xentec HID Kit is the kit for all because it has all the bulb sizes for all brands. Xentec Slim 35W Ballast offers 500% brighter than halogen to enhance visibility. It has 60% performance compared to other generic brands. It uses Arc Quartz™ to increase clarity and reduce refraction.

The induction of vacuum sealed xenon gas produces over 2.5x bulb life without fading. The exclusive Xentec HID bulb is fitment guaranteed, that is sized to standard perfection 1:1,000,000. Made from OEM Osram-grade for fitment and includes the right wiring you need for your vehicle.

It has different colors available for your own liking. This easy to install product has a lifespan of 8000 hours. Xentec Slim 35W Ballast is shockproof, waterproof, and has radio interference protection. It can adapt to every environment and has a working temperature of -40°C to 105°C.

If you travel mostly and you want a light that can help you see through day and night in different seasons, this product is the one for you. 


5. Nest Hello 


Nest Hello is a smart WiFi doorbell powered by Google. It offers a 160°wide-angle, 24/7 HD (1600 x 1200 pixels) video surveillance connected to a phone or tablet that will alert you if someone’s at the door and see them from head to toe. It has a 3-hour snapshot history so you can replay what you’ve missed.

Nest Hello detects a person and alerts you even if they don’t ring the doorbell. It has an HD talk and listen feature that lets you hear clearly what they are saying. Nest Hello is designed to be water resistant.

Nest Aware is a premium subscription for $6/month that includes special features like Video history where you can replay recorded videos up to 30 days. Familiar face alerts that will notify you if its family or stranger, Activity zones which you can highlight important places and you get a notification when something happens there, and Share clips or timelapse then download and send it to your friends, neighbors,or to the police.

Nest Hello is the doorbell you’ve been waiting for. This device is perfect for you if you want a safer home. 


4. Kassa Adhesive Vinyl Sheets


Kassa Adhesive Vinyl Sheet is a permanent self adhesive vinyl sheet that lasts up to 2-3 years. It comes in a 60-pack (12x12 inch sheets) with 10 different glossy (Red, Green, Violet, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Lavender) and matte (Black & white) colors.

This vinyl sheet is easy to use, does not create bubbles and can be applied to most surfaces—mugs, notebooks, walls, signboards, etc. Kassa Adhesive Vinyl Sheet is water and UV resistant.

The set includes 1 felt tip squeegee  & 1 12x12 inch transfer tape sheet. Start doing a DIY project with Kassa Adhesive Vinyl Sheets! 


3. Casio G-Shock (GA700SK-1A)


The age of the analog and digital has come! Introducing Casio G-Shock Analog Digital Resin Skeleton Men's Watch. With its sleek and bold design, you can wear it anytime and anywhere. Casio G-Shock GA700SK-1A is made of mineral glass to prevent scratches and the case and bezel is made of resin for durability.

It is shock resistant and 200 meter water resistance. It also has a world time, 31 time zones (48 cities + coordinated universal time), on/off daylight saving, home city/world time swapping. Measuring modes like elapsed time, split time and 1st-2nd place times are offered by Casio G-Shock.

This watch uses LED illumination that has selectable duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds) and afterglow. The analog clock has 2 hands, the hour and the minute hand, and the digital clock displays hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, and day. With a full auto-calendar until 2099.

The approximate battery life of Casio G-Shock GA700SK-1A is 5 years. So, whether you use it for streetwear or outdoor activities, Casio G-Shock GA700SK-1A got you covered! 


2. Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-GM Turntable (Gunmetal) Bundle w/ Knox LP1 Speaker


AT-LP60X will take you back to the classics. Audio-Technica AT-LP60X paired with Knox LP1 Speaker is the best deal you can have. This easy to use turntable gives you high quality audio of vinyl with a fully automatic belt-drive that has two speeds, 33-⅓ and 45 RPM. It has an Integral Dual Magnet™ phono cartridge with replaceable stylus.

The turntable platter is made of aluminum. The tonearm base and headshell has been redesigned to improve tracking and lessen resonance. Audio-Technica AT-LP60X has a built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier for line-level or phono-level output.

It includes a detachable RCA output cable (3.5 mm male to dual RCA male), 45 RPM adapter, and removable hinged dust cover. Knox Gear Powered Bookshelf Speaker with Bluetooth is made of walnut-veneer medium-density fiberboard that delivers the best quality of audio is perfect for Audio-Technica AT-LP60X. With adjustable controls for volume, bass, and treble. 


1. Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer


Creality introduces its new and upgraded 3D printer, the Ender 3 Pro! Ender 3 Pro has Meanwell power supply for faster heating and longer duration of printing.  It is redesigned to be more stable to make high quality models.

Meanwell is known for its technology and Ender 3 Pro adapted it so that when the voltage spikes, the power supply is protected. It has an advanced “C-MAG” magnetic sticker that is entirely removable, flexible, and can adhere better to the platform.

Comes with extra accessories and parts when you need them. Buy the improved, more durable and more stable version to see better results. 


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