Batch 1: Shopify Trending Products To Sell

Batch 1: Shopify Trending Products To Sell

Top 10 Products to Sell on Shopify and WHY.

Shopify is not your usual marketplace. It is a platform that supports business owners to do everything at once, all in one place. So, if you’re new to the online world and need a software to help your business grow, keep reading because this list will tell you the top 10 best selling products to start your online business. 


10. Hair Styling Tools


Millennials tend to experiment and prove that they can do things by themselves. And one way to prove that is by styling their hair. The hair styling tool is a basic set of tools for cutting and styling your hair.

The hair styling tool kit may vary depending on what you want to do with your hair. There is a different set for cutting, curling, and styling. These tools are great for DIY hair for parties, shooting videos on TikTok, and just having fun expressing yourself through your hair.

This product can be easily sold in the market because an average of 1.7 million views are made for videos under “hair styling tools”. Most of the beauty tutorials on YouTube include hair and make up that attracts audiences to try it themselves. 



9. Blue Light Glasses


With people surfing the internet all day everyday, wouldn’t you want to be protected? Blue light glasses reduce the blue light radiated by gadgets such as laptop, smartphones and television.

The blue light can cause dizziness, headache, and macular degeneration when exposed to long periods of time. Blue light glasses are multi-coated thus, block and reflect the unnatural blue light emitted by gadgets.

By reflecting the blue light, it does not go directly into your eyes causing strain, sleep disturbances, and blindness. 



8. Yoga Mats


With this pandemic, people tend to be mostly stuck at home. The best way to combat boredom? Yoga and exercise! And this yoga mat is the perfect one for you.

With a standard size of 24" x 68" that is commonly made of vinyl and comes in different colors. For nature advocates, you can choose an eco-friendly yoga mat that is made of rubber tree or thermoplastic elastomer.

The yoga mat provides good traction and support when doing poses or exercising. Yoga mats are lightweight which means you can carry it around and do yoga even in the park. 



7. Gaming Headphones


Gaming headphones are over-ear headphones with microphone built for gamers. While you can use in-ear headphones or on-ear headphones, gaming headphones make the user comfortable over longer hours.

The cushion pads are designed for comfort of the user when it comes to playing. Built-in microphone is used to communicate between players in game. You want a headphone that is noise-cancelling and has surround sound that gives high quality audio. You would want a headset that isn’t very heavy for you to carry since most of the gaming headphones are over-ear.

Design may vary and you can choose to have wired or Bluetooth headphones. Bonus features of gaming headphones are the RGB and sleek design. The market for gaming headphones is rapidly growing and by 2022, it is anticipated to reach $5 billion annual sales in the US alone.

The headphones are built for gamers, but not limited to. There are some fans and students who use gaming headphones for watching streams and online classes. The reason is because of the quality these headphones give. Majority of these headphones have noise-cancelling features and a good quality audio output. 


6. Mobile Skins 


Mobile skins are phone cases that protect the phone from shocks, scratches and dents. Mobile skin comes in different styles and designs made for different phone models. They are customizable depending on the user.

Phone cases are easy to sell because a person can have several cases for a single phone and can change it from time to time. And millions of people have phones today. By 2020, mobile skins reached the market by  $10 billion.  



5. Ring Light


A ring light is a circular-shape LED light used by photographers, make up artists, YouTubers, and more. The era of using big lighting setups is gone. With the ring light, you can take pictures, shoot videos and attend meetings with the perfect lighting.

Ring lights may vary in design and size. Some ring lights are smaller with one stand best for webcam video calls and meetings, some right lights have a tripod base with phone holder, best used for streaming, some are big and dimmable, used for filming makeup tutorials, some ring lights have different colors to add a little touch of fun, some ring light may be clipped directly into your smartphone, and more.

It’s up to you and what you use it for. And the best part is, some of it are rechargeable so you can bring it whenever you want. The thing with ring light is, when they started to be popular, it has been very versatile. From YouTube videos to office meetings, people of all ages have been using it. 



4. Air-Purifying Plants


What’s better than an air-purifier device? Plants! Air-purifying plants are mostly indoor plants which absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Air-purifying plants increase humidity and reduce allergens inside the house.

Famous people like Bretman Rock and Oprah are decorating their home with plants and their audiences tend to imitate them, making an abrupt trend on air-purifying plants. 


3. Portable Blenders


Portable blender is a mobile, convenient, fast way to make smoothies and juices where you can mix and match fruits and vegetables. This product can be both a blender and a bottle that you can bring anytime and anywhere.

Best for your breakfast juice, or workout smoothie, or for travelling with the leak proof feature. Designed to be BPA-free and eco-friendly. It has a fast charging USB port which makes it easy to carry with.

Sizes may vary depending on the brand. Portable blenders are trending nowadays because people are more health conscious and resourceful. And I think it’s a good way to start your health journey. 



2. Silk Pajamas


Silk pajamas are breathable, comfortable and classic clothing for men and women best during sleeping. Even though they are quite expensive because of its quality, people tend to buy this especially when it’s near Christmas season.

Silk pajamas can be worn by a set, or you can pair it with lingeries. And not only you can wear it inside your house, but also when you go outside. Millennials are dominated with “self care” and that’s the reason why sleepwears have been a great opportunity for online sellers. 


1. Kid’s Face Mask


Kids tend to be picky with some stuff. And the best way to get them onboard is to make everything fun. Face masks for kids are designed to be very colorful, with patterns and with cartoon characters they know.

Kid’s face masks are usually 3 ply, washable, with adjustable straps, bendable nose strap to avoid fogging, and pocket to insert your kid’s mask filter. Custom printed masks are also a trend now, especially this year. You can sell it with the kid’s name printed on it and these masks will never leave your kid’s side. 

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