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Foundr Magazine

“We won’t succeed unless you won’t succeed.” – Nathan Chan, Foundr CEO

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  • What is Foundr Magazine? 
  • How is it different from other E-commerce learning platforms? 
  • Foundr Magazine’s YouTube channel
  • Success stories of entrepreneurs who chose Foundr

What is Foundr Magazine?


Foundr is a multi-resource E-Commerce learning platform. They have courses, magazines, articles, podcasts, and many more! But in this article, let’s find out more about Foundr Magazine.

Foundr Magazine is a publication which helps the readers learn more about the E-Commerce business through the success stories of entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs have learned it the hard way so the advice they give is actionable.

The entrepreneurs are actually called practitioners because they do not consider themselves as gurus. In this magazine, they have featured hundreds of people including Arianna Huffington, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson. 



The Single Issue of the magazine costs $4.99 but you can choose the 24x Back Issue Bundle and pay $39.99 only! The Monthly Subscription costs $2.99 and the most popular one is the Yearly Subscription for only $21.99.

These magazines truly inspire its readers by empowering. We often see what these entrepreneurs have become without realizing all they’ve been through. And with Foundr as your resource platform, they make it easy for you into the world of E-Commerce business.


How is it different from other E-commerce learning platforms?


Aside from the fact that they have a lot of resources to offer, they give you something that will help you today and tomorrow. In fact, they are obsessed with substance which gives you creative, high quality guidelines.

Some people may learn through reading, that’s why they have courses. And some learn from listening, that’s what podcasts are all about. For different learning styles, they have you covered.

They have extracted the experiences and learnings of the practitioners so that when you decide to leap into the business, you’ll learn all there is to know. 


Foundr Magazine’s YouTube Channel


Foundr Magazine is expanding through different platforms. And through YouTube, they have taught and inspired people. Foundr has 142,000 subscribers and all of them want to learn more about the E-Commerce world and how to do it. These are some of the playlists that might help you in the growth of your career. 


1. From Zero to Foundr


In the first episode, Mollie Ellen of Foundr, interviewed Start and Scale student and founder of Theo and Brom, Myey Moens. Myey Moens is a Filipino-American and was a digital nomad before she decided to reside in Belgium with her husband and start a chocolate company.  From 20kg cacao beans to $1M revenue. Now, she is transitioning from a startup to scale up. 


2. Instagram & Social Media Growth


Here’s a playlist of videos given to us by Nathan Chan, CEO of Foundr, on how to organically grow your Instagram account reaching thousands of followers that will help boost your business. Here are the steps. 

  • Step 1: Follow the unicorn strategy

The unicorn strategy is an algorithm proof and it is a strategy where you look for your “unicorn”, you look for similar pages based on your profile and scan their page to see what stands out. And replicate, repost, or make something similar then post it. Because Instagram features accounts with the most amount of engagements. So, you would want to have more likes and comments to be able to stand out and be a unicorn.

  • Step 2: Post viral and shareable contents

This allows users to tag their friends through giveaways, challenges, and encouragement so that you can get more engagements. 

  • Step 3: Post consistently and frequently

People want content on a regular basis. And you can do that by giving the best quality content by posting frequently. The more you post, the faster you grow. Through liking, sharing, and tagging, the audience will notice you. 

  • Step 4: Comment and engage with top pages

Engaging with company accounts, influencers and brands can help your growth. You can follow and comment on photos with the highest likes so that the audience can see your comment, may it be funny, inspiring or valuable. 

  • Step 5: Shoutouts

Shoutouts are not limited to mentioning you in other people’s videos. What you can do, if you’re a business owner, you may send them products. Or if you don’t have a company, think about the value exchange you can offer to these influencers or other audiences such as shoutout for shoutout., you promote one another and be partners to be able to help each other. 

  • Bonus step: Use Instagram’s new features

Instagram’s features include stories. Use this and make promotional day to day videos.

3. Foundrs Hustle - Vlogs and Behind The Scenes

In this playlist, Foundr’s CEO, Nathan Chan, takes us into his everyday life at work and how his team does things. He talks about his success, failures, behind the scenes with one of the practitioners of Foundr, Gretta van Riel during an E-Commerce conference in Europe.



In his vlog with the title, “EUROPEAN ADVENTURES PART ONE | FOUNDR'S HUSTLE 002”, Nathan met Mohamed Ali Aguel, an E-Commerce expert, and asks him a question on how to increase average order value. You can check out the video to learn more. 

Success stories of entrepreneurs who chose Foundr


Not only they feature the stories of big companies, but also the ones that started from scratch and actually work their way up. These are some entrepreneurs who took up courses on Foundr. 


1. Christine Keeling of Long Haul Spa 


Christine took the course Start & Scale Your Online Store. She is a 56-year old MBA graduate with experience in tech and traveled the world for her job. Looking for a new path, she thought why not create one. And she did! But she knew that she could use some help. For someone like Christine who never had the background in E-Commerce, it was like back to being in kindergarten but on a university level. It didn’t stop her, though. Long Haul Spa is presenting its products to airport shops and soon, it will launch a product line for men. 

2. Keane Yu of Mamba Media Inc. 



Keane took the Instagram Domination course. The founder of Mamba Media Inc. is also a foodie and he started with a local food-based Instagram account. He then dominated it by gaining more followers and caught the eye of restaurants. If you turn your passion into something profitable, imagine the possibilities! As for Keane, he chose to make his own path by starting an agency—Mamba Media Inc.! 

3. Yara Kamal of Scoria World


Yara owns a company that sells yoga products. With their company being steady, it’s hard to reach the goal of having 7 figures. So she took the course of E-Commerce Masters. She applied her learnings and took the risk to spend more on Facebook Ads and there she is, a 7-figure E-Commerce business owner. Not only that she achieved her 7-figure goal, but also reached her audience globally. 

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