Jordan Platten

Jordan Platten

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  • Who is Jordan Platten? 
  • What is Affluent Co.?
  • Does he have other platforms? 
  • Learn more about Jordan’s YouTube channel

Who is Jordan Platten? 


Jordan Platten is an entrepreneur and founder of Affluent Co., a digital marketing agency. He was out of school at the age of 23 and worked in corporate sales before starting his business. With his sales experience, he decided to make a path for himself online. Jordan made a name for himself in the digital marketing field. 



What is Affluent Co.? 


Affluent Co. is a UK-based company that specializes in marketing through courses and training. Named one of the fastest growing companies, Jordan and his team made millions for different companies worldwide. Aside from his agency, Jordan also owns an online education business. Jordan’s success story is what led him to help other people, especially beginners that want to start their own business online to be experts. Affluent Co. has The Agency, The Academy and The Hub. 

  • The Agency

  • If you’re an online business owner and you need help in marketing your products, The Agency got your back. A team of great marketing and ads specialists will help you grow your business more than you can imagine. 

  • The Academy

  • If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start a business but doesn’t know how or when, you would want to enroll to The Academy. Jordan Platten as your mentor will give you a full step-by-step course and training program. 

  • The Hub

  • The Hub is like a library with success stories of former students who later became entrepreneurs, news, YouTube videos. Be inspired upon visiting The Hub! 


    Does he have other platforms? 


    Yes! Aside from Affluent Co.'s The Hub, The Agency and The Academy, he has a YouTube channel where he posts his everyday life as a social media marketing agency owner, podcasts with people that interest Jordan and marketing lessons for free!

    If you have doubts whether to enroll in his courses or probably just a waste of time, then try his YouTube channel first. Jordan gives his audience lessons about marketing and in general, life. He is also the author of The 15 Minute Agency. 

    Learn more about Jordan’s YouTube channel


    Jordan’s YouTube channel is very interesting because though his name is huge, his YouTube videos are actually about his life—success, adventures when he went to the US to host a Millennial Marketing Mastery, and apartment tour, Q&A segments and beginner’s guide to marketing. So here are some contents of his YouTube channel. 

    1. Gettin' Chatty With Platty 



    This podcast features his talk with people who caught his attention in the online business and life in general. In the first episode, he had Neil Patel, entrepreneur and best-selling author of New York Times, as a guest.

    They talked about the things they are mutually passionate about. Neil found opportunity at a young age and so did Jordan. Passion plus effort makes you successful, and financial gain is the result and a bonus in your life. 

    2. Facebook Ad Critique Videos - SMMA Ad Reviews  



    In Jordan’s first episode, he critiques the viewer or their client’s Facebook Ads. He made the decision on the spot  and told his audience to send him their Facebook Ads the night before he went live. He tells people how to improve their marketing strategy through Facebook Ad, gives them important points to focus on and what your ad should contain.  

  • Attention Grabber
  • You need to catch the attention of the reader for the first 2-3 lines of the Facebook Ad. 

  • What
  • What the Ad is all about and what are you selling or servicing. 

  • Why
  • Why people should be interested in your Ad.

  • Curiosity or Scarcity
  • Leaves the reader curious about the Ad and makes them click on the product or a service.

  • Call to Action
  • People like being told what to do and give an interaction with the reader.


    3. Sales Training Videos for Beginners



    This is a series of free sales training videos for beginners. Jordan teaches the fundamentals of sales, from a lead to customer. He discussed the buyers journey and 5 steps to fully understand sales. 

  • Awareness
  • The client is aware of the product, service or brand that you can offer them and who you are. They have seen it through different platforms like Facebook, Google, or YouTube. 

  • Consideration 
  • With the awareness of the client, comes consideration. They consider you doing something for them. 

  • Intent
  • After they’ve considered you, they might have clicked on your ad or page and filled out a contact form to make an inquiry.

  • Purchase
  • When they see that your product is  a potential asset to the growth of the company, you’re just getting started. The person who clicked on your ad is now your customer and has purchased your product or service. 

  • Promotion
  • You immediately get promoters when you have done an excellent job in delivering your product or service to your customer. They will tell other people about you and what exceptional job you’ve done so you get more customers. 



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