The GaryVee Video Experience

The GaryVee Video Experience

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  • Who is GaryVee? 
  • What are his platforms? 
  • How does he help other people? 
  • GaryVee’s YouTube channel platform


Who is GaryVee? 


Gary Vaynerchuk is the Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, public speaker, YouTuber, author, and a judge of Apple’s “Planet of the Apps” show. Given his credentials, you probably have seen or heard him on any platform.

Gary thought of himself as a purebred entrepreneur because at a young age, he started selling lemonade, to baseball cards and when the internet happened, he grabbed the opportunity by turning his father’s local liquor store into one of the first E-Commerce platforms.

Today, it is known as Wine Library. When he knew that he had the ability to make something out of nothing, it was when he entered the E-Commerce and Marketing. In 2006, he made an episode for WineLibraryTV on YouTube which led him to have guest appearances aired on national television.



2 years later, after he gave a keynote in New York, Gary was able to sign a deal with HarperCollins and his first book Crush It! became an international best-selling book in 2009.

Gary saw that the internet would expand and he made the right move—invest in notable companies such as Facebook, Uber, Venmo and more. 


What are his platforms? 


VaynerX is a collective modern day communications company. It is composed of VaynerMedia, Tracer, Gallery Media Group, The Sasha Group, Vayner Productions, VaynerTalent, VaynerSpeakers, and VaynerCommerce.

Gary has a marketing agency called VaynerMedia which he co-founded along with his brother, AJ Vaynerchuk. His agency proves you can have both creativity and quality.



They provide paid marketing, influence marketing, full-service creativity, personal branding, E-Commerce, in-house consulting and more serving big brands like Johnson and Johnson, GE, and PepsiCo.

When he started YouTube in 2006, it hadn't stopped. He is now sharing his everyday life, business talks and how to be a better person. His videos are hilarious, entertaining and educational. 


How does he help other people? 


Gary is a public speaker so he is very confident and concise with the things he says. This is Gary’s way to help people—through social impact. He helps people from business owners to someone who came across his YouTube channel.

He always emphasizes that you should be happy in doing something and you should love the process—process of learning, process of failing, process of trying again. These are priceless acts of kindness.



From a professional perspective, I can say that the VaynerMedia agency uses creativity to the fullest! Just look at their website. It will make you say you want something like that or more. Well, they are consumer-centric so the satisfaction of their client is the top priority. 

GaryVee’s YouTube channel platform 


GaryVee is one of the entrepreneurs that is nott afraid to show everybody his true self. I have been following GaryVee on different platforms and I can say that he is very transparent and makes you feel like he is your friend.

His YouTube content isn’t the typical content of a businessman that promotes his company on a daily basis. With GaryVee’s YouTube channel, he brings the community together. And, by the end of the day, the advice that came from GaryVee is what gives you a different perception about life in general.

So, if you haven’t seen his videos, now’s your chance. Or you can read this article first to get to know GaryVee. Here are some of the videos from his YouTube channel. Just make sure you’re 18+ years old! 

1. Top 2021 Marketing Strategies to Get Your Business the Most Attention Possible 


Gary, along with other people, discussed the dos and don’ts in doing marketing. Gary implied that if you want to be noticed, you have to put 5-15 pieces of creative on LinkedIn A DAY especially in B2B.

Content creation for others may be an easy job, but the challenge is that you have to make quality contents to actually attract audiences. It is using the tool wisely and to its full extent to bring the best out of it. With best quality content comes exposure, when there’s exposure, people become more aware of your product or service, then sales come in naturally. 

2. 10 Different Ways to Grow a Business on Social Media | Inside 4Ds: Small Business Consulting 



In this video, Gary met a group of small business owners and would like to grow their company on social media. When Gary said that you should run ads on different platforms at $100 increments, that hit me.

When you’re still starting to build your business, you think of trying marketing strategies that will try to empty your pocket. In able to have effective marketing strategies, start small but give the audience the quality ad they want to see or read. 

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