AutoDS: The Ultimate Dropshipping Automation Guide

Thirty-three percent of online sellers use dropshipping as their fulfillment method. This isn't surprising, considering its many benefits, which include ease of entry, low startup costs, hands-off inventory management, and a vast product selection.


However, it's not as easy as you might think. Like any business model, dropshipping faces challenges such as fierce competition, low profits, the risk of sourcing poor-quality products, and difficulties in managing fulfillment. This is where AutoDS's dropshipping automation software comes in.


In this guide, we will explore AutoDS's potential to propel your online business to new heights. Whether you are a seasoned dropshipper looking to streamline your operations or a newcomer seeking to leverage automation, join us as we explore the features, benefits, and best practices for using AutoDS effectively.


What is AutoDS Dropshipping Automated Software?


AutoDS is an automation platform that assists dropshippers in more efficiently managing their inventory, listings, orders, fulfillment, and customer communication. It automates crucial dropshipping tasks, including product listing and optimization, price and stock monitoring, and sales analysis.


How AutoDS Software Automates Online Businesses


To maximize the capabilities of AutoDS software, it's important to understand its key features. Fortunately, this software is designed with the average user in mind. Each feature is user-friendly, and there is a solid support system in place for beginners. Here are its main features.


Product Sourcing

Dropshippers love this software because of the vast selection of platforms and suppliers it supports. It also scans these platforms for the best products to display whenever you're conducting product research. Additionally, it provides access to private suppliers who may offer excellent deals that align with your budget and goals.


Brand Customization

AutoDS has built a warehouse where it not only fulfills orders but also showcases product listings with the best deals. Moreover, they can customize your branding by inserting a personalized label featuring your logo inside each parcel.


Product Import

This software lets you import products from any e-commerce platform to your store with a single click. You can import one or more products and add them to multiple stores simultaneously.



The AutoDS software connects your store with your supplier, ensuring that when a product runs out of stock at the supplier's end, it also becomes unavailable in your store. This prevents delays in shipments when orders are placed before your supplier restocks. Additionally, it automatically adjusts your resale price to match the supplier's price changes, so if the supplier increases their price, yours will also increase.


Performance Monitoring

You can configure the AutoDS software to adjust your prices based on your product's sales performance. For example, you can set it to increase your price by a percentage after reaching a certain number of sales. This strategy naturally enhances your product's visibility and boosts your profits when it matters most.


Order Automation

AutoDS automates order fulfillment in two ways. It can fulfill orders through your AliExpress or Amazon account using its bots or handle them through its own accounts with "Fulfilled by AutoDS." The latter option is more convenient as it allows you to remain completely hands-off, provided sufficient money exists in the system.


Customer Support

Most AutoDS software users are new to dropshipping, constituting about 80% of their customer base. Their excellent customer support is a significant reason for this. They offer an easy-to-use system for asking questions and actively welcome user suggestions for improvements. Additionally, they provide helpful resources such as blogs and articles to assist users in effectively using the software.


How to Use AutoDS Dropshipping Automated Software


Like other online business models, dropshipping consists of several complicated steps that can be difficult to manage with a small team. This step-by-step guide will show you how to use AutoDS to automate and optimize your operations effectively.


Step 1: Set up an account.


  1. Go to and click "Get Started" in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Enter your email address, full name, and password.
  3. Select your selling channel: eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, or Wix.
  4. Choose a package that suits your needs. Your options are:
  • Import 2000 ($19.90/month)
  • Starter 500 ($29.90/month)
  • Advanced 1K ($49.90/month)
  • Master 10K ($249.00/month)

Note: Each package offers a unique set of features. The higher the fee, the greater the access you receive. Prices change as upgrades are introduced.

  1. Under your chosen package, click "Try for $0.99" and pay through PayPal, Payoneer, or credit card. Then, click "Continue."


Step 2: Add a store.


Once your account is set up, you will be directed to the onboarding page. There, you will find a button labeled "Add store." Click it and select the website where your store was built. Enter your store's URL and log in to accept the link.


Step 3: Import your product.


Choose a supplier, such as Amazon. Then, search for the product you want to import. Copy the URL and paste it into the "Add Product" prompt. You can access this prompt by clicking "Add Product" and "Single Product" from the sidebar menu.


Next, click "Edit Now (Quick)" to edit and optimize the product description. You will notice that its details from Amazon have been automatically imported into the system. You can tweak them to optimize your listing for AutoDS. Finally, click "Save and Import" to make your product live in your store.


Tip: AutoDS has its own warehouse that features "Winning Products." This option is ideal if you are new to dropshipping and unsure of which products to include in your inventory. Many winning products also come with customizable branding.


AutoDS also allows you to publish your listing at a future date. To do this, follow the standard product-adding process, but instead of clicking "Save and Import," pull the drop-down menu beside "Save and Import" and select "Schedule Listing." Choose a date and time and click "Schedule."


Quoting an Order


You might receive an order for a product that is either unmonitored or only available from a Chinese supplier. Unfortunately, fulfilling such orders can take time, and the quality of the product is not guaranteed. AutoDS can find alternatives through its sourcing program. Here's what you should do when you receive such orders:


Log in to your AutoDS account and select "Orders" from the sidebar menu. Then, click "Quotes" from the drop-down menu. This will take you to a page displaying all orders available for quoting.


Click the "Quote" button on the right side of the products you want to research. This action will prompt the system to scour all supported marketplaces for similar products. The search usually takes 48 hours. AutoDS will then display all similar products, along with their prices and shipping costs.


Link the existing products in your inventory to those you have chosen from the quoted products. This allows you to switch to a new supplier for these products moving forward.


What is Fulfilled by AutoDS?


Fulfilled by AutoDS allows you to fulfill orders without using your buyer accounts. Previously, you could only fulfill orders by manually processing each one or through AutoDS's automation. The latter is quite efficient because all you need to do is update the status of each order and wait for AutoDS to perform the next step.


Now, you can let AutoDS handle all the work through Fulfilled by AutoDS. They will process all your orders using their own accounts and update their statuses. To use this service, you only need to purchase auto-order credits and set the orders you want to fulfill through Fulfilled by AutoDS to auto-order.


Turbocharge Your Dropshipping Business with AutoDS Automation Software


With the convenience of automation, streamlined inventory management, and access to a wide array of products, AutoDS offers a valuable tool for navigating the complexities of dropshipping. 


Through careful planning, strategic implementation, and ongoing adaptation, you can harness the power of automation to turbocharge your dropshipping business and unlock its full potential in the digital marketplace.