The customer acquisition cost (CPA) for Bing is much lower than for Google Ads

The customer acquisition cost (CPA) for Bing is much lower than for Google Ads

Did you know that targeting is more precise on Bing ads, while Google lets advertisers choose location, network, and language at the campaign level? But Bing's mobile tracking is better than Google's, so Bing wins this round. 

When comparing search engine market shares, Google has 64% and Bing has 21%.

You may be asking what the benefit of using Bing Ads is, given that Google AdWords is the clear leader in paid search engine marketing.

Well, in this short blog article, let us go through some of the most convincing reasons for not ignoring Bing.

Bing is not a site that should be ignored. With almost 3% of the market share and growing. Bing also owns Yahoo and America online (AOL) Search, which together make up another 2% of the market

Microsoft owns Bing, as well as a number of other hardware and software items. 

The basic idea behind Bing Ads is the same as that behind Google Ads, and both are pay-per-click networks that target users based on their search queries. Like Google AdWords, Bing Ads lets you set up campaigns with ad groups, keywords, and ads. You can use the same kinds of keyword match types in Bing Ads that you can in Google Ads, meaning that whatever keyword strategies you've devised for Google will work just as well in Bing.

One of the best things about Bing Ads is reaching new audiences. Bing claims that its advertisements reach 69 million unique searches that Google doesn't reach.

Note; If you're having issues with your Google Ads campaign, you may choose to expand into Bing Ads instead. If you're familiar with Bing Ads but are unsure since they are hard to browse, the website's design has improved, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Which advertising platform, Microsoft Ads or Google Ads, reaches the most people?

Google Ads leads online reach. It offers Search networks and Display advertising to reach more people. Display Network marketers reach 90% of users. Due to its 76% search engine market share, Search Network boosts search results.

Does Google win the Bing vs. Google Ads battle? Certainly not. Bing offers unique benefits. Bing ads can reach 53 million desktop searches, unlike Google. This may be an opportunity based on your campaign goals and budget.

Bing Ads Come in Six Types

One of the best things about Bing Ads is that it gives advertisers more ways to customize their ads. Here are the different kinds of ads they have and how they work.

1. Expanded Text Ads - This ad has a title, text, display URL, and final URL. The title and text can be 30 and 90 characters, respectively. You may try these out on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

2. Dynamic Search Ads - Dynamic searches, available in select countries (including the U.S.) as of 2020, seem like enlarged text advertising but target visitors depending on your business's website content. 

3. Product Ads - are displayed as images on the right side of SERPs, in addition to text ads at the top. Product ads are similarly limited to English and limited locations.

4. Audience Ads - Businesses may get high-quality traffic from non-search ads with these new features. Edge, from Microsoft, often has these. 

5. Smart Search Ads - Smart Search, another new innovation, allows touch navigation and previews the landing page.

6. App Install Ads - These are like text ads but link to your business's app. The button will automatically open the app for continuous use if the user has it. The link takes them to the app store.

These are the Major Advantages of Using Bing Ads!

Bing also has a few more big advantages for businesses over competitors, especially Google.

1. Bing is rapidly expanding - Google's share of the market is actually going down, but Bing is growing at a very fast rate.

2. There is a decrease in competition - Still, far fewer businesses advertise on Bing than on Google, so there is much less competition. 

3. It's Cheap - Bing marketing is cheaper due to lower competition. Though hard to quantify, Bing appears to be significantly less costly for more queries. Users claim a 35% drop in click costs. Plus, it's easier to top outcomes. 

4. You Control More - Ad scheduling is easier and more customized when campaigns run in several time zones or languages within an ad group. It saves a lot of time and effort when redesigning ad campaigns.

5. Search Terms Can Be Matched Exactly - In a recent update, Google expanded its exact keyword matches to include synonyms and misspellings. The majority of users said that it degraded the standard of their traffic. 

Just Try It!

If you're still in doubt about Bing Ads, creating an account in less than a minute and running some test campaigns can give you a good idea of what the bidding process is like and what the potential search traffic is. 

Keep in mind that Bing has a smaller market share than Google, so it may not be as effective at driving traffic. Just because it doesn't work with Google doesn't mean it's not useful. Testing the effectiveness of your campaigns and making adjustments as you go will help you determine which strategies can produce the best results in various situations.

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If Google AdWords is the highest standard for paid search engine marketing, then why do individuals prefer Bing?

One of Bing's most notable features is image search, which offers crisper, higher-quality images. The 'infinite scroll' was first introduced by Bing to avoid meticulously clicking through image results pages.

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