How Does Google's Algorithm Rank Content Made by AI?

How Does Google's Algorithm Rank Content Made by AI?

Did you know that in just 40 days, the AI writing tool gained 10 million daily users?


  1. Does AI-generated material rank on Google?
  2. Will Google censor AI-generated content?
  3. What are Google's rules for content about AI?
  4. Does Google have the ability to identify blogs written by AI?

Do you want to know how Google will rank AI-generated content? If you ever wondered how artificial intelligence content performs in search engine results, you can find an answer, some tips, and everything you need to know in this short article.

Google favors information of high-quality, regardless of its origin, whether it is generated by human beings or robotic machines.

AI content is content that was made using artificial intelligence, this type of information can be used to improve or make completely new pieces. Because it makes it easier and more efficient for businesses to produce a great deal of materials and saves a great deal of time, the use of this technology is gaining a growing amount of popularity.

Also, AI-generated content can boost or negatively impact SEO. AI can quickly generate a lot of content, which helps with keyword targeting and link development. However, search engines may punish low-quality or unhelpful material, hurting a website's SEO. Using AI for content generation ethically is crucial.

But there is always the question, Does AI-generated material rank on Google? 

The answer is Yes and No!

Yes, AI-generated content is still capable of receiving high rankings on search engine results pages. It appears that Google's search engines are unable to tell humans from artificial intelligence-written content. It is fine as long as the content being looked for is right, exactly worded, and meets the main goal of the search, and also if the focus is on the quality of the information and not how it is made. 

No, because the search engine's Webmaster Guidelines say it is against the rules for AI to make content that people cannot use. John Mueller, Google's Search Advocate, claims that computer-written content is "spam." AI-generated content would make it look like you are just looking up synonyms, switching words around, or using the same old translation tricks. 

Will Google censor AI-generated content?

Google does not prohibit the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for the creation of content; however, the company does have guidelines in place to ensure that the content provides value to its users. It will be possible to rank and display AI-generated content in search results just like any other content if it abides by the guidelines outlined below. 

What are Google's rules for content about AI?

Even though they do not immediately punish a single piece of AI-generated content or an entire site, they do look at AI-generated content for signs of spam and abuse.

Google's guidelines say that AI-generated material should;

  • Boost the value of the text
  • Avoiding methods that produce content of poor quality
  • Concentrate on accomplishing the goals of the search
  • Creating a sense of humanity

Does Google have the ability to identify blogs written by AI?

Google has advanced algorithms that may identify websites that produce content of low quality or that is spam and then penalize those websites. Google is particularly skilled at spotting trends that hint at low-quality and automated material. However, it may be difficult to discover artificial intelligence-generated blogs.

So you don't have to keep asking if the content is made by algorithms ranks. What matters most is the usefulness and credibility of the material presented. Search engines won't penalize you if you are providing value to readers, presenting correct data, and making things simple for them. Do you like more interesting details about the eCommerce industry? If you're interested, feel free to explore the Seller Universe. If you're curious enough to learn more, sign up for our newsletter. 


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