How to Write Product Titles That Sell on Amazon

How to Write Product Titles That Sell on Amazon

A good title attracts customers and helps them choose your products from hundreds of options.

Customers are much more likely to research your product if you give it a highlighted, clear, and captivating title. This is why it is so important that your title grabs the customer's attention. 

If you are curious enough about how effective titles work on Amazon, sit back and relax because, in this short blog post, we'll cover the different ways to make your title more successful and sell on Amazon.

An Amazon Title introduces a specific product or item on Amazon and educates the reader about it. And one of the most successful ways to enhance this is to optimize your product titles. It looks like a lot of work, but don't worry; all sellers on Amazon have access to the Amazon Seller Center as a starting point. Whatever the products you're selling, the title needs to have the following details:

  • Keywords

  • Quantity and/or size
  • Brand name
  • Color, flavor, or other variation

Note; Write your product title clearly and effectively. Amazon allows 200 characters (35 words), including spaces

A wise seller will keep in mind that a listing title serves several purposes, including the listing page or the search results, which provide the initial impression of you and your item. The primary search engine keywords help shoppers find your products, and modern listing tools also use your title to identify the right product category. 

Amazon Product Title Format Example

You need to know what customers want to know first, second, third, and last in order to write a great Amazon title.

Amazon's most popular and productive format is:

1. Brand - Product Category - Product Type - Product Description

Other favored formats for creating Amazon titles include

1. Brand - Model Number - Size - Product Type - Specifics

2. Brand - Model Number - Product Type - Specifics

To appear higher in search results, improve the title of your product

Amazon wants direct, informative titles. So you must share more details about your product and optimize it for Amazon SEO. The following strategies will help you optimize your Amazon title:

1. Select popular keywords that are related to your products.

2. Study the titles of top-ranking products to identify similar language and structure.

3. Use the unique selling elements of the product in the title, and stay away from jargon and trash.

4. Pay attention to what customers want, understand their intentions, and give it to them.

Things to avoid in your Amazon product titles

Making sure you avoid mentioning specific topics in the titles of your products is equally crucial. Many of them include:

Price: Amazon displays the price in your title, so it's unnecessary and repeated. 

Promo offers: Adding silly information to your title lowers its credibility and Amazon search ranking.

Special Characters; Avoid titles with special characters like "&" or "%" on Amazon since they rank lower.

Words in caps: This looks bad and is noisy for customers, do not uppercase all title words.

Remember, don't make any statements that are untrue or dishonest.

First-time Amazon title writers shouldn't worry; yes, it's important but not difficult. Do not let your fear of failure prevent you from trying new things; this is the most important thing you need to keep in mind.  The more you explore, the better your product titles become. In order to apply and serve as guidelines in your early career, you should use the discussion from above. Getting your marketing strategy right requires time, effort, and patience, but the reward is great when you succeed.

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How long should the title of an item that's being sold on Amazon be?

Amazon lets you use 250 characters for product titles in the majority of categories. Given the fact that they allow up to 250 characters, Amazon still restricts listings with titles longer than 200 characters.

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