What Products are Considered Hazmat on Amazon?

What Products are Considered Hazmat on Amazon?

If you are a regular online shopper, you may have seen the word "Hazmat" while exploring Amazon's products. What does it indicate? Amazon, being a large online marketplace, has strict rules to handle and ship these hazardous products safely. When people think of dangerous materials, they often picture things like nuclear plants or alarming biochemical weapons. Surprisingly, Amazon's marketplace has all kinds of dangerous things, even ones that may not appear dangerous at first. 

Companies entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the secure transport of these goods, while abiding by legal requirements, will receive a set of practical advice and clear instructions that can be readily implemented. In most situations, spotting hazmat items is quite easy. You can find out if Amazon labels a product as toxic by looking up its Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) on Seller Central.

Amazon HazMat represents "hazardous materials". These are risky substances that could harm safety, health, property, or the environment. They might be flammable, corrosive, or pressurized. HazMat items are dangerous, even if they seem harmless on a shelf. When moved, pressurized, or exposed to high temperatures, they can become hazardous. Amazon keeps this in mind, as they handle storage and shipping under specific conditions. This is crucial for FBA sellers whose products are managed by Amazon.

Common Hazmat Items on Amazon

Lithium Batteries: Lithium batteries, commonly found in electronic devices, are considered hazardous because they can potentially get too hot or catch fire.

Aerosol Sprays: Products such as spray for hair, fragrances for the air, and aerosol paint are considered dangerous since the containers they come in are subjected to pressure and have the potential to explode in some situations.

Perfumes and Fragrances: Perfumes and scents Certain perfumes and scents can be dangerous to use because they include components that are combustible.

Restricted Hazmat Items on Amazon

Nail Polish: Certain nail polishes are considered hazardous materials due to the burning properties that they possess; however, this does not apply to all nail polishes.

Cleaning Agents: There are some cleaning products out there that include ingredients that are caustic or poisonous, which makes them potentially dangerous.

Certain Electronics: Certain electronic components and airbag sections are examples of items that could potentially contain harmful compounds and hence require further care when handled.

What Happens When a Product Faces Amazon HazMat Review?

If you get a notice for an Amazon HazMat Review, do not worry. It means Amazon wants more info to ensure your product's safety. They gather product details. For batteries and items with batteries, you will share specifics like battery type (e.g., lithium-ion) and count, usually from the maker. For risky goods, you will need to give extra info like flammability or corrosiveness. This helps determine transportation classification (UN Number), often on the packaging or Safety Data Sheets. If Amazon receives enough information and determines that your product is secure, you will be able to continue selling it. And could be possible that it cannot be accepted if the risk is too high.

How to Securely Sell Hazardous Materials on Amazon?

Selling Hazmat Products on Amazon is not an impossible task, but it requires approval. Once you send the required documents and SDS to Amazon, they will approve the sale, letting you list the product. While Amazon's Hazmat rules might limit you, they prioritize safe handling, packaging, and storage. Amazon has a dedicated team for Hazmat goods, ensuring they meet standards. They will ask for the title, SDS, detailed description, pictures, and bullet points.

Within two business days or less, Amazon will categorize the product if you provided complete information. Then, you can use FBA to store and ship the Hazmat product. Remember, some items might be labeled "possible dangerous goods" if already in the warehouse. Amazon gives you a full fourteen days to provide the necessary paperwork and make sure your product is safe. Be careful, because sending documents that are not full or are wrong could stop sales.

How to Handle  Quickly Amazon Hazmat Reviews?

Dealing with Amazon labeling your products as hazmat does not need to be overwhelming. Here are simple steps you can take in advance to effectively manage Hazmat reviews:

Make a Different Product Version with Your Shipping -  If your product gets labeled as Hazmat, you can make a different version using your own shipping method. This way, you control how you manage your stock and send out orders, instead of relying on Amazon. It is good because you don't have to pay Amazon service charges, but you'll need to take on more tasks than if you went with Amazon FBA.

Ask for More Storage with Seller Central Support - FBA sellers have a limit for storing Hazmat items. If most or all of your products are Hazmat, it could impact your fulfillment choices. What's not widely known is you can actually ask for more space through Amazon's Seller Central Support. Just remember, usually, bigger sellers are more likely to have their requests approved.

Get Help from an Inventory Expert - Solving Amazon Hazmat Reviews comes down to having the right paperwork. The key is to have someone skilled in handling inventory changes from FBA and Hazmat reviews. It's crucial to keep things under control. Remember, keeping things simple is the best approach when it comes to managing Amazon Hazmat Reviews.

Gaining approvals from Amazon might seem like a hurdle. However, the process temporarily halts your sales and profit-making endeavors. Nevertheless, the effort is undoubtedly worthwhile. Selling potentially unsafe items on Amazon can lead to unforeseen issues. During shipping, products can shift and endure various pressures. Hazardous substances have the potential to burst or leak, resulting in harm to workers or even customers, causing poisoning and more serious health concerns. Your initial step in determining if your product carries risks should involve checking the warning label on it.


Are all lithium batteries considered hazmat on Amazon?

Not every lithium battery falls under the hazmat category. Small batteries commonly found in household items might not be classified as hazmat.

Can I still purchase hazmat items on Amazon?

Indeed, you can buy hazmat items through Amazon. Yet, these items are subject to specific regulations for handling and shipping.

Are shipping expenses higher for hazmat products?

The shipping costs for hazmat products could be slightly elevated due to the specialized packaging and handling requirements.

Why does Amazon permit the sale of hazmat products?

Amazon adheres to strict regulations and guidelines to ensure the secure handling and shipping of hazmat goods, thus minimizing potential risks to customers and the environment.

What to do if a damaged hazmat product arrives from Amazon?

In the event of a damaged hazmat product arriving, promptly reach out to Amazon's customer service for immediate assistance.

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